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Teknon Medical Centre

Teknon Medical Centre, part of the Quirónsalud Hospital Group, is a reference in the Spanish hospital sector thanks to its specialised treatments, the quality of its humane treatment and its cutting-edge technology. Teknon abides by a rigorous culture of quality management, aimed at offering the best care and satisfaction to patients, with maximum safety, a hallmark that has gained it the prestigious North American Joint Commission International accreditation.

Multilingual personalised care
Agreements with leading international insurers
Carrer de Vilana, 12,08022Barcelona
Quality and Excellence
UNE 179003 - Risk management for patient safety
UNE 179006 - Infection control in hospitals
Joint Commission International
ISO 9001 - Quality system certification
ISO 14001 - Environmental system certification

Outstanding fields

Outstanding fields

Teknon Medical Centre has internationally-renowned specialists and experts in the approach and treatment of particular complex illnesses.

  • Cardiología_negroCardiología_negro
    Heart Department
    Heart Department
    To care for your heart, we have a multidisciplinary team who specialise in preventing, diagnosing and resolving any cardiovascular problems, however complicated they may be.
    • Traumatología_negroTraumatología_negro
      Locomotive System Department
      Locomotive System Department
      Our specialised teams are at the cutting-edge of the most innovative diagnostic, orthopaedic and surgical techniques, providing each patient with the best possible treatment option.
      • Estetica_negroEstetica_negro
        Cosmetic Surgery
        Cosmetic Surgery
        We offer you the experience of a large team of medical professionals and the most advanced medical-cosmetic technology to provide you with the most appropriate solution for your case.
        • CirugiaGeenralMetabolica_negroCirugiaGeenralMetabolica_negro
          General / Metabolic Surgery
          General / Metabolic Surgery
          Our specialists are experienced in performing high-complexity procedures, adapting the technique to the patient and the type of disease that they present.
          • Toracica_negroToracica_negro
            Thoracic Surgery
            Thoracic Surgery
            We put the most advanced specialised treatments for chest conditions within the reach of our patients: lungs, windpipe and bronchial tree, pleura, diaphragm, mediastinum and chest wall structures. To do so, we use the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic tools available.
            • Urología_negroUrología_negro
              Our specialists are experienced in performing complex procedures, adapting the technique to the patient and the type of disease that they present.
              • Neurología_negroNeurología_negro
                Neuroscience Department
                Neuroscience Department
                We're specialists in diagnosing and treating complex pathologies that affect the central nervous system and spine. The Institute is comprised of twelve functional units with a multidisciplinary outlook, enabling enriched diagnosis and treatment, the implementation of protocols, and a streamlining of care circuits.

                Other specialities at the hospital

                Other specialities at the hospital
                • CirugiaOral
                  Maxillofacial Surgery
                • Medicina-Interna
                  Internal Medicine
                • CirugiaGeenralMetabolica_negro
                • Obstetricia-y-Ginecologia_2
                  Obstetrics and Gynaecology
                • Oncología_negro
                • Otorrinolaringologia
                • Pediatría_negro
                  Paediatrics and Paediatric Surgery

                Services and facilities

                Services and facilities

                Teknon Medical Centre has modern and comfortable facilities aimed at guaranteeing the highest level of well-being to patients and their relatives, combining personalised care and the high quality of its medical service with the support of the latest technology.

                Teknon roomTeknon room

                13 royal suites and 6 suites

                3 delivery rooms

                211 single rooms

                Day hospital

                20 operating theatres

                150 doctors’ offices

                1 hybrid operating theatre

                720 parking spaces


                2 CAT scanners

                1 PET-CT scanner

                4 MRI scanners

                1 mammogram machine

                19 ultrasound machines

                2 linear accelerators

                1 densitometer

                Care services

                Teknon Oncology Institute

                Teknon Heart Institute

                Institute of Tissue Regeneration Therapy (ITRT)

                General Emergency Care

                Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

                Unit for Inflammatory and Auto-immune Diseases

                Unit for Epilepsy and Epilepsy Surgery

                Unit for Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders

                Sleep Unit

                Assisted Conception

                Mother and Child Services

                Neonatal Unit

                Unit for Road Accident Care

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