Rotger Clinic

Rotger Clinic is the only hospital with all medical and surgical specialities, an A&E service, ICU, laboratory (including COVID diagnosis tests) and Radiology Department available 24/7 in the city centre of Palma in Majorca.

The facilities in its outpatient consultation rooms, wards, Surgical Department and Obstetrics Unit have been completely refurbished. It boasts the latest technology in robotic surgery with the da Vinci Xi and a 128-slice CAT scanner, as well as a wide range of services and an excellent medical team comprising leading specialists in their field. This team has been boosted by the addition of 150 doctors in recent years.

Rotger Clinic works with national insurers and the leading international insurance companies. This is a notable organisation given its ability to swiftly resolve bureaucratic matters involving international patients and the excellent personalised care offered to patients in all hospital areas, including in their own language or with English or German interpreters.

Furthermore, the Quirónsalud Group has an extensive network of local medical centres located in the main towns and strategic points on the island. These centres are designed to offer patients immediate care and are in constant communication with Rotger Clinic and Quirónsalud Palmaplanas Hospital as reference points.

Agreements with leading international insurers
Multilingual personalised care
Orientación a la resolución de trámites administrativos del paciente internacional
Santiago Rusiñol, 907012Palma de Mallorca
Quality and Excellence
ISO 9001 - Quality system certification
ISO 14001 - Environmental system certification

Outstanding fields

Outstanding fields
  • Cardiología_negroCardiología_negro
    Heart Department
    Heart Department
    To care for your heart, we have a multidisciplinary team who specialise in preventing, diagnosing and resolving any cardiovascular problems, however complicated they may be.
    • Traumatología_negroTraumatología_negro
      Locomotive System Department
      Locomotive System Department
      Our specialised teams are at the cutting-edge of the most innovative diagnostic, orthopaedic and surgical techniques, providing each patient with the best possible treatment option.
      • Estetica_negroEstetica_negro
        Cosmetic Surgery
        Cosmetic Surgery
        We offer you the experience of a large team of medical professionals and the most advanced medical-cosmetic technology to provide you with the most appropriate solution for your case.
        • Toracica_negroToracica_negro
          Thoracic Surgery
          Thoracic Surgery
          This is a team of specialists focused on swift but coordinated action for the specialities in which they are involved in diagnosing, treating and monitoring different pathologies. It establishes multidisciplinary teams that, whenever the circumstances allow, opt for minimally invasive techniques that reduce surgical complications and favour recovery during the post-operative process.
          • Área Salud de la MujerÁrea Salud de la Mujer
            Área Salud de la MujerÁrea Salud de la Mujer
            Obstetrics and Gynaecology
            Área Salud de la MujerÁrea Salud de la Mujer
            Obstetrics and Gynaecology
            This leading team specialises in gynaecology and obstetrics to monitor the different pathologies throughout a women's life. The Obstetrics Unit – “Nacer en Clínica Rotger” ( – works in perfect synchronisation with the Maternity Preparation Team on all aspects related to getting ready for labour, the postpartum period, and initially caring for your baby. Rotger Clinic has a new Obstetrics Unit with five individual delivery rooms that are equipped with all conveniences, sensory experience elements and safety components required during labour. Furthermore, it has a caesarean section operating theatre and a recovery area exclusively for women to remain in contact with their baby at all times.
            • Pediatría_negroPediatría_negro
              Rotger Clinic is so committed to its patients that it always has at least one specialist paediatrician in the hospital. The Paediatrics Department treats A&E cases 24/7 and in its outpatient appointments it offers a sub-specialist service in: cardiology, paediatric surgery, dermatology, digestive system, endocrinology, pneumology, neonatology and neuropaediatrics. Furthermore, it has a large team of specialist doctors who are experts in paediatric care. Each year, the department organises workshops designed to train and update staff on the main advances in paediatric medicine. They are attended by the country's leading specialists, who are actively involved in the event.

              Other specialities at the hospital

              Other specialities at the hospital
              • CirugiaGeenralMetabolica_negro
                General Surgery
              • CirugiaOral
                Maxillofacial Surgery
              • Medicina-Interna
                Internal Medicine
              • CirugiaGeenralMetabolica_negro
              • Oncología_negro
              • Pediatría_negro
              • Otorrinolaringologia
              • Urología_negro

              Services and facilities

              Services and facilities

              Rotger Clinic uses cutting-edge medical technology and fully refurbished facilities in its outpatient consultation rooms, wards, Obstetrics Unit and Surgical Department. All spaces at the Clinic are designed to place the patient at the centre of the medical care process while always offering a welcoming, discreet, comfortable environment for them, their relatives or the people accompanying them.

              Clínica Rotger - serviciosClínica Rotger - servicios

              77 outpatient consultation rooms

              General, paediatric and traumatology A&E

              21 adult A&E stations

              5 paediatric A&E stations

              11 operating theatres

              5 general operating theatres

              4 major outpatient surgery operating theatres

              1 caesarean section operating theatre

              1 hybrid operating theatre

              2 endoscopy rooms

              5 delivery rooms

              168 beds

              4 hospitalisation floors

              10 ICU beds + 9 neonatal ICU beds


              1 CAT scanner

              2 MRI scanner

              1 digital mammography machine

              18 ultrasound machines

              1 PET-CT scanner

              1 gamma SPECT-CT scanner

              Specific Units

              Clinical Analysis and Molecular Biology Laboratory

              Extraction and COVID Diagnosis Tests Laboratory

              Hair Transplant Unit

              Arrhythmia and Atrial Fibrillation Unit

              Obstetrics Unit

              Proctology Unit

              Oncology Institute

              Cardiology Institute

              Neurology Institute

              Rehabilitation Area

              Spinal Unit

              Paediatric Dermatology Unit

              Foot and Ankle Unit