Torrevieja:a perfect climate to return home feeling renewed

Virgin beaches and coves which invite you to disconnect. Untapped wild spots, the perfect climate to enjoy nautical and sports activities. The options offered by Torrevieja are both varied and beneficial, which makes it a perfect choice to stay during your treatment.

What does Torrevieja offer you?

Strolling through the streets of Torrevieja means discovering historical sites and modernist buildings; very nearby you can also enjoy rocky coves with incredible views, parks where you can take a break and connect with nature, and all of this blanketed by a relaxing scent of sea and salt.


Dique de Levante Breakwater

Playa de La Mata Beach

Parque de las Naciones Park

Las Salinas de Torrevieja Saltwater Lake

Playa Punta Prima Beach

Torrevieja Market


Traditional gastronomy is combined with more innovative trends, which leads to delicious, tasty and very healthy options. In Torrevieja you can try some of the best fish and rice dishes in the Mediterranean, exquisite vegetables and greens which will provide the perfect balance to any dish, or remarkable unique snacks, such as ‘pulpo seco’ (dried octopus), a true delicacy.


Dried octopus



Anchovies in vinegar

Caldero (‘Cauldron Rice’ with fish)

Arroz a Banda (paella made with fish and fish stock)


Torrevieja not only offers sun and the beach to its visitors, it also has a rich historical and cultural heritage. Don’t leave Torrevieja without taking a tour of the main sites and monuments, essential places to understand its past and how it has influenced the present.


Museo Flotantes Delfín - Submarine Museum

Bella Lola Statue

La Imprenta de Torrevieja - Printing Museum

Santa Maria Basilica

Natural History Museum

Santa Barbara Castle

Torrevieja climate

Torrevieja is characterised by its hot, cloudless summers and its somewhat chilly and partly cloudy winters. Throughout the year, the temperature varies between 6ºC and 29ºC, with an annual average temperature of 18.2ºC.

How to get to Torrevieja?
Aeropuerto de Alicante-Elche – Alicante
Alicante-Elche Airport
The airport is 44km north of the city.

Connections to Torrevieja

Icon_BUS_TRENIcon_BUS_TRENTrain and Bus
Estación de Autobuses Torrevieja
Torrevieja Bus Station

Located in the city centre, the station connects with the main urban bus lines as well as the express bus line to Alicante Airport.

Estación de Tren Alicante
Alicante Train Station

Torrevieja doesn't have a train station, but Alicante’s station has bus connections that will get you to Torrevieja in an hour.

How to get around Torrevieja?

Please find below various options for getting around Torrevieja.


Torrevieja has an intercity bus line that crosses the small city from south to north.


An affordable alternative to public transport, since a 10-minute journey costs less than €10, approximately.