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Toledo:a World Heritage City

Recognized as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, Toledo has more than two millennia of history and historical heritage of Jewish, Christian and Muslim culture. Given its great patrimonial and artistic wealth, Toledo is a city where culture, history, art, gastronomy, craftsmanship and innovation go hand in hand.

What does Toledo offer you?
Toledo - Actividades

Bathed by the Tagus River, Toledo preserves the charm of its narrow and labyrinthine streets, the splendor of its monuments and offers diverse possibilities of recreation to the taste of the traveler. Discover the Imperial Toledo, the conventual and cathedral, the artisan, the marzipan, the swords, the Greco and especially the one that shows us the beauty of Christian, Jewish and Muslim roots.


Historic center of Toledo

Walk through Zocodover

Roman Baths

The Jewish quarter

Del Valle viewpoint

The Cigarrales

Paseo de Merchán or de La Vega

Ecological path along the Tajo

Toledo - Gastronomía

In the city of the three cultures, you will not only find unique buildings and historical monuments, but also a rich and varied gastronomy. Toledo’s gastronomy is characterized by the local traditions of hunting and shepherding, and offers dishes of authentic quality, with an intense Mediterranean flavor and Moorish, Sephardic and Christian influences, simple and consistent.


Stewed partridge

Cochifrito manchego


Toledana rice style

Marzipan of Toledo

Garlic soup

Partridge pate

Cod "atascaburras"

Cod tiznao

Manchego cheese


Toledo - Cultura

The historic city of Toledo stands out for its great monumental and cultural wealth, in addition to the legacy of great personalities such as El Greco, Cervantes or Garcilaso. Behind its walls you will enjoy an unparalleled cultural and artistic heritage. Churches, palaces, fortresses, mosques, and synagogues are present throughout the city, turning it into an authentic open-air museum.


Toledo Cathedral

Alcazar of Toledo

El Greco Museum

Tavera Hospital

Church of Santo Tomé

Church of San Román

Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes

Mosque of Cristo de la Luz

Synagogue of Santa María La Blanca

Synagogue of El Tránsito

Caves of Hercules

Climate in Toledo

Summers are shot and clear and winters are dry, cold and cloudy.

Toledo’s climate is Mediterranean, characterized by short, hot and mostly clear summers; winters are cold and rainy and it is dry throughout the year. During the year, the temperature generally ranges from 1 degree celsius to 34 degrees celsius.

Toledo - Clima
How to get to Toledo?
Adolfo Suárez International Airport
is 79km from the city

Connections to Toledo

- Bus (Alsa / EMT)

- Train (RENFE)

- Metro

You will probably have to arrive first in Madrid and then go by train/bus to Toledo.

Icon_BUS_TRENIcon_BUS_TRENTrain y bus
Toledo como llegar desplazamientos

The AVE (AVANT high speed train) offers excellent travel conditions, bar/ restaurant option, internet connection and other services. The AVE (AVANT high speed train) departs from Madrid-Atocha.


At the airport, you will find options of city buses (EMT Madrid), intercity buses (CRTM) and long-distance buses (ALSA).

How to move around Toledo?

Go anywhere in the city with Toledo’s urban buses. You can buy a "bonobús" season card at the bus station.


Finding a cab in Toledo is easy, either on the street or requesting the service by phone.


In 45 minutes you can get to know Toledo, its history, and enjoy its spectacular views.