Murcia:a city asking to be discovered

Murcia is a city which invites long walks, where visitors can discover its baroque past and Islamic soul with every step. It is also synonymous with sun, good temperatures and delicious food made to be enjoyed outdoors. Murcia is unique and different and is asking to be discovered.

What does Murcia offer you?

Murcia invites walks through the heart of the city, being part of its ambience in the morning and relaxing in the afternoon in its boutiques and shopping arcades. Murcia is a city of sensations. There are many possibilities that you can discover during your stay, which you will always remember.


Plaza Cardenal Belluga Square

Plaza de la Cruz Square

Plaza de Santo Domingo Square

Plaza del Teatro Romea Square

Plaza de las Flores Square

Paseo del Malecón walk


Noria de La Ñora Water Wheel

Moorish Walls


The broad wealth of produce from this area means that the typical dishes on offer are wide and varied. Roasted or grilled meat and fish or stews and stir-fries combined with the delicious vegetables from the famous Murcia orchards. A feast for the senses and for your health.


Murcia salad (made with tomatoes, eggs, olives, onions and tuna)

Pastel de carne (meat pie)

Mullet roe with almonds

Michirones (bean stew)

Grilled vegetables

Caldero (‘Cauldron Rice’ with fish)

Zarangollo (scrambled eggs with courgette, onion and potatoes)

Marinera (bread stick topped with Russian salad and anchovy)


The overlapping of cultures, its borderland and transient status, and its natural and strategic enclave have given Murcia a heritage which is a true reflection of its past and how it connects with the present, offering its visitors museums, theatres, and busy popular fiestas.


Murcia Cathedral

Salzillo Museum

Romea Theatre

Carrascoy Regional Park

Teatro Circo Murcia Theatre

Archaeological Museum

Royal Casino of Murcia

Santa Clara Museum

The Sanctuary of Virgen de la Fuensanta

Murcia climate

Murcia is characterised by having a dry Mediterranean climate. With an annual average temperature of 18ºC, it has mild winters, with temperatures between 16ºC and 4ºC and hot summers, with temperatures ranging between 34ºC and 21ºC in August.

How to get to Murcia?
Aeropuerto Internacional Región de Murcia
Murcia Region International Airport
The airport is 27km south of the city.

Connections to Murcia

Aeropuerto de Alicante-Elche – Alicante
Alicante-Elche (El Altet) Airport
This airport is 75km from the city of Murcia (approx. 50 minutes by bus).
Icon_BUS_TRENIcon_BUS_TRENTrain and Bus
Estación de Autobuses Murcia
Murcia Bus Station

Located in the city centre, the station connects with the main city bus lines as well as bus lines which connect with both airports in the region.

Murcia del Carmen – Estación de tren
Murcia del Carmen Train Station

Located in the city centre, the station has arrivals and departures for all of the country’s main cities

How to get around Murcia?

Please find below various options for getting around Murcia.


Murcia has 10 intercity bus lines which connect all areas of the Murcia region.


An affordable alternative to public transport, since a 10-minute journey costs less than €10, approximately.