A Coruña

A Coruña:a city with lots to discover

People from A Coruña are renowned for knowing how to live well, so follow their customs during your stay in A Coruña, a city made for wandering, eating well and enjoying yourself: beaches right in the centre, traditional food, terraces with views of its famous modernist glass galerías (glass covered balconies), history and life, lots of life!

What does A Coruña offer you?

The Galician city offers you many perfect activities for both the body and mind. Covering 13km, its seafront promenade, with its incredible panoramas of the Atlantic Coast, finishing at the Tower of Hercules, is an experience that is hard to forget.


Seafront Promenade

Maria Pita Square

Tower of Hercules

Sculpture Park

Old Town

Riazor Beach


Delicious, varied and renowned, that is how you could sum up the gastronomic offerings that you can find in A Coruña. Fish and seafood, a natural source of Omega 3, as well as delicious meats and empanadas (filled pies). Unique dishes that will not fail to impress food lovers.


Mariscada (seafood platter)

Caldeirada de Pescado (fish stew)

Cocido Gallego (Galician stew with meat, vegetables and chickpeas)

Churrasco Gallego (grilled or barbecued meats)

Octopus casserole with clams and prawns

Tortilla de Betanzos (soft Spanish omelette with potato)


The atmosphere in A Coruña also extends to its cultural life. Life in the Old Town, the modernist and romantic buildings visited by tourists, museums, gardens, the harbour... Ultimately, discovering and enjoying the unique history of the Galician city with every step.


Aquarium Finisterrae

Domus Museum

Science and Technology Museum

Luis Seoane Foundation

City of Glass

The Galerías of the Marina

A Coruña climate

As a coastal city, A Coruña has a maritime climate with mild temperatures all year round. Ranging between 7ºC and 24ºC, its winters are mild and rainy, with some respites of sun. Generally, the summers are warm.

How to get to A Coruña?
Aeropuerto de A Coruña
A Coruña Airport
The airport is 10km east of the city.

Connections to A Coruña

- Bus

Icon_BUS_TRENIcon_BUS_TRENTrain and Bus
La Coruña-San Cristóbal
A Coruña-San Cristóbal Station

Located to the south of the city, the train station connects with the main short- and long-distance train lines and the city and intercity buses.

Estación de autobuses de A Coruña
A Coruña Bus Station

Located to the south of the city, the bus station is the main hub for journeys which connect with the main cities of the province, country and international cities.

How to get around A Coruña?

Please find below various options for getting around A Coruña.


You can travel around the city on over 20 bus city lines, which connect all the points of interest.


An affordable alternative to public transport, since a 10-minute journey costs between €5 and €10, approximately.