Dr. Adolfo López De Munain

Directeur scientifique de l'unité des neurosciences cliniques de la Polyclinique de Gipuzkoa

Dr Adolfo López de Munain has 40 years of neurology experience, with his work in the field of neurogenetic and neuromuscular diseases particularly notable. The Clinical Neurosciences Unit at Gipuzkoa Polyclinic, which he directs, offers distinctive value given its great research endeavours, allowing its patients to access state-of-the-art therapies and new clinical trials.


Centros de los Médicos Dr. Adolfo López De Munain

Internacional 2019: Centros a los que pertenezca un médico.

Expérience professionnelle
  • Director of the Neurosciences Department. Biodonostia Institute.
  • Head of the Neurology Department. Donostia Hospital.
  • Scientific director of the Clinical Neurosciences Unit at Gipuzkoa Polyclinic.
Appartenance à des sociétés scientifiques
  • Basque Society for Neurology
  • Spanish Society for Neurology
  • Spanish Association for Human Genetics
Recherche et enseignement
  • Scientific director of Ciberned (Carlos III Institute).
  • Scientific director of Ilundain Fundazioa.
  • Scientific director of Athenea Neuroclinics.
  • Associate lecturer of neurology at the University of the Basque Country.
  • Assistant lecturer at Deusto University.
Langues pour la pratique clinique

Spanish and English.