Заведующий отделением урологии в госпиталях Quirónsalud Tenerife и Quirónsalud Costa Adeje
Области медицинской специализации

Doctor Guillermo Conde Santos has more than 15 years of experience. Since 2002, he has been a medical specialist in urology and andrology, having graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with his qualification as Doctor of Surgery in 2007 after presenting his doctoral thesis titled, "Valor pronóstico del tamaño nuclear en la gradación del carcinoma de células renales. Estudio mediante morfometría ultraestructural" (Prognostic value of nucleus size in grading renal cell carcinoma. Study using ultrastructural morphometry) and achieving the qualification of "Excellent cum Laude".

Dr Guillermo Conde

Centros de los Médicos ДОКТОР ГИЛЬЕРМО КОНДЕ

Internacional 2019: Centros a los que pertenezca un médico.

Профессиональный опыт

He has worked in different hospitals in Tenerife, Palma, Álava and Barcelona, and completed stays at St Peter's Hospital, University College London Hospitals NHS Trust (2009) and Columbia University Medical Center in New York (2008). He has defended numerous communications at national and international conferences, and is frequently invited to take part in specialist training meetings as a lecturer or speaker. He is a member of the Spanish Association of Urology, the European Association of Urology, and the International Continence Society.

His professional career has also focused on pelvic floor disorders and female functional urology. Indeed, he has extensive experience in the surgical correction of pelvic floor defects using minimally invasive techniques that employ laparoscopic and vaginal surgery. Furthermore, he is involved as a researcher in different projects to prove new treatments for pelvic floor dysfunctions, chronic pelvic pain syndrome and overactive bladder.

Urologic oncology is another of his areas of special interest, along with minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical treatment. He has taken part in the development of early prostatic carcinoma detection programmes, as well as the design of diagnosis and treatment protocols and processes for cancer patients. In the field of andrology, Dr Guillermo Conde has specialised in diagnosing and treating erectile dysfunction and male infertility.

Furthermore, the study and treatment of benign prostate enlargement has been the focus of part of his professional activity. He has great experience in minimally invasive surgical treatment of this pathology using different types of endoluminal treatment, such as HoLEP laser enucleation and green laser vaporisation.

Членство в научных обществах
  • International Continence Society (Desde 2019)
  • Sociedad IberoAmericana de Neuro Urología y Uro Ginecología (Desde 2018)
  • Sociedad Canaria de Urología (Desde 2012)
  • European Association of Urology (Desde 2009)
  • Asociación Española de Urología (Desde 1999)
Исследовательская и преподавательская деятельность

Dr Conde has been involved in research studies on the etiopathogenesis and development of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and new drugs for prostate enlargement in males. He has been a tutor for doctors (MIR programme) training in the speciality of urology. He also frequently takes part as a teacher in complex surgical techniques and postgraduate teaching programmes.


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Пребывание в зарубежных центрах
  • University College London Hospital (UCLH). Urology Department. 2009.
  • Columbia University Medical Center in New York. Urology Department. 2008.
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